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  • Will lashes extensions ruin my natrual lashes?
    NO! If lash extensions are applied properly and using quality product the integrity of your lashes will not suffer. It is only when lashes that are to long or heavy are applied to the natural lashes that damge will occur. Also, if a lash artist doesn't apply the lash extensions properly it can seriously damage your lashes. Lashes should never feel heavy or hurt.
  • How long do lashes last for?
    It is completely dependant on each individual client so there is no perfect answer. Most clients need to come every two weeks for a fill and then sometimes three. It's important to schedule regular fills to aviod a higher cost. Typically a lash artist will want at least 50% lashes remaining in order to pay the fill price. If you are missing more than that the cost of a full set is neccessary.
  • What causes lashes to fall out?
    Well to be frank there are lots of reasons makeup, oily skin, stress, work enviroment, sweat, masks and natural shed cycles which are typically seasonal.
  • Do lash extensions hurt?
    No it doesn't hurt at all if they are applied properly. It can actually feel very relaxing. Some clients sleep the entire time.
  • Can I get my lashes wet?
    Yes, Yes and Yes Please! It is soooo important to clean your lashes on the regular. Like anything dirt will collect in your lashes which causes oil buildup and bad retention. So clean them, wet them love them and enjoy them.
  • Can I wear mascara?
    Please Never EVER put mascara on lash extensions. It literally ruins them and will 100% cause them to fall out and possibly with your natural lashes. If you feel like you need mascara because they aren't dramatic enough maybe it's time to upgrade your set!
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